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Catalytic Converter Theft Rises 2019

In the first 6 months of 2019 catalytic converter thefts risen to 2,894 compared to the whole of 2018 which was 1674. The prices of precious metals used in car exhaust systems have rocketed in recent months, with palladium worth £1,300 per ounce, and rhodium selling for £4,000 per ounce.

When the price of these metals go up so do scrap prices for catalytic converters and this leads to increase thefts of converters from vehicles. Vans and 4x4 vehicle's are higher off the ground, as are certain cars where the catalytic converters are relatively easy to get at when quickly jacked up.

Motorist who have had their vehicle’s catalytic converter stolen can face repair bill's running into thousands of pounds. Manufacturers have introduced measures to prevent the crime wave, fitting protective trays and placing converters in the engine bay on newer models vehicles to make them harder to reach.

There is company's who offer a catalytic converter lock for Vans and Motorhomes CatClamp the UK’s only Secured by Design approved catalytic converter lock.

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